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Hello! We are Vindum Transport Service, the reliable, fast and secure transporter in The Netherlands!
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What we do

Household moves, furniture transport & international transport; we'll take care of it


Household moves

A new home and everything that comes with it, is naturally very exciting. Preferably you'd like to do as little as possible and prevent stress and that's why Vindum takes care of everything for you, concerning the household move and transportation, from A to Z!


Furniture transport

When purchasing new furniture, naturally you'd like to enjoy your new couch, closet or table as soon as possible. Our furniture transport service picks up your furniture, delivers it to your home, put it where it needs to be and even takes care of the assembly!



Our transport service doesn't stop at the borders of The Netherlands, as a matter of fact, we have serviced numerous international customers, whether it was concerning a household move or regular transport, we take care of the transportation in all the finest details!


Packing service

Naturally the goods for transportation needs be protected very well and packed thoroughly. This can be a hassle for you and that's why we'd love to save you the trouble. This way, your goods will reach their destination safely and in perfect condition!

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Our partners

You are not the only one that puts faith in our transport service

We cooperate with various large manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and servicing companies, whom time after time rely on our transport services. Whether it concerns the delivery of a couch to their customers or transporting products from A to B; Vindum takes care of it!
In order to offer our partners an optimal service, we have a full-service package; we pick up the goods on location of the supplier, we make sure everything is well protected in our transport trucks and deliver the goods to the customers location. To finish everything off, we can also unwrap the goods, assemble if needed and even make sure the trash is taken care of!

About us

With us, customer is King!

Vindum became truly a well known company during the last few years, in the vicinity of The Hague and its surroundings. Where we started with a single transport van, you can now see our fleet of transport trucks throughout the whole of The Netherlands and even outside. Our customers became familiar with the smile of our employees, the outstanding service which doesn't stop with the delivery and transportation of goods, furniture and other related items and the fact that all the goods are delivered quickly, neat and in perfect shape.
Besides all of the above, we excel in perfect communication and scheduling, which results in clear arrangements concerning the transport of mostly valuable and important transport goods. This way, you can let us do what we do best, with peace of mind; transportation from A to Z!

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